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Professional Laser Alignment Services
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Wind Turbine Shaft Alignment

We can quickly and safely align your wind turbine generators and shafts using the latest Laser alignment technology. The equipment is capable of aligning gearboxes to generators and to check for Yaw.

Carrying out wind turbine Laser shaft alignmentWe use a revolutionary Laser system along with specially designed brackets to suit each OEM's wind power generation design allow fine tuning of the alignment.

Our shaft alignment instruments are custom made with firmware features that ensure high measurement accuracy and are supplied with precision mounting hardware to allow optimal alignment of the gearbox and generator shafts in wind turbines.

No matter the manufacturer, coupling or turbine type, our Pro based shaft alignment instruments make generator-to-gearbox alignment (even inside a Nacelle) very easy.

If you are serious about safeguarding the reliability of your wind turbine whilst optimising it's energy efficiency then this equipment stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Wind Power Shaft Alignment Benefits

Our portable shaft alignment tools are particularly suited to the wind power industry. After many years servicing the wind generation sector the equipment has been improved and updated to provide particularly usefull features and unique functions, such as:



Some very useful functions of this equipment we would like to expand upon are:


Machine Defined Data – User Defined Configuration Templates

The Machine Defined Data function allows the user to create and store configuration templates for all kinds of manufacturing models.

Data like distances, target values, and tolerances can be saved and pulled up anytime a similar model is aligned. This function is particularly useful for service organizations that maintain several wind turbine models.


Specific Machine Data – Predefined User Configuration Templates

The Specific Machine Data function allows for preloading the shaft alignment instruments with predefined machine configuration templates, where data such as distances, target values, and tolerances can be saved.

These templates are not editable and safeguard alignment configurations of various different manufacturer's models.


Wind Power Fixture Solutions

A wide range of fixture applications are available. These fixtures are very robust and are easy to mount. These fixtures were originally designed for a specific manufacturer’s turbine but due to their flexibility they will suit most wind power turbines in the market place.

Each model of wind turbine has a customised set of equipment which includes the specific fixtures, display unit and other items in cases that are customized for each fixture model, i.e. everything in one case.


The special brackets allow the wind turbine coupling to be aligned without rotating the blades (a major safety benefit).


 wind turbine shaft alignment vestas  wind power shaft alignment vesta
A wind alignment fixture for use with fixed rotors without a coupling. This is mounted on the gearbox flange and will fit on most Vestas turbines. 
 wind turbine alignment fixture  wind turbine alignment vesta
A Laser wind shaft alignment fixture for measuring shafts without a coupling. It is mounted on the generator flange and will fit on most Vestas turbines. 
 wind generator alignment fixture  wind generator shaft alignment siemens
A wind generator alignment fixture mounted on a generator flange. This Laser alignment fixture will fit on most Siemens turbines. 
 wind turbine gearbox alignment fixture  laser shaft alignment siemens
A wind turbine fixture which can be mounted on a brake disc with a magnetic base. This is a flexible laser fixture that will fit on most Siemens turbines.
 turbine laser alignment fixture  wind generator alignment fixture ge
A pair of Laser fixtures to allow mounting on a wind turbine coupling. This will suit most Vestas turbines.
ge wind turbine alignment fixture
For a very flexible method of mounting a Laser fixture we have available a set of  brackets with super strong (and very slim) magnets suitable for most GE turbines and other awkward mounting situations.


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