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Offset Shaft Alignment Kit

Align "Offset" Shafts With Ease

Most shafts are aligned on a common centreline but on occasions there is an offset in the horizontal or vertical plane. This can be where a gearbox is involved and the input shaft is offset to the output shaft.

Alignment in such cases used to be a complicated process but it is now simplified to the extent that anyone with experience of using the normal alignment systems can do it quickly and easily.


shaft alignment offset kit


Using the Fixturlaser NXA together with the Fixturlaser Offset NXA kit, a user can align any offset mounted equipment with high precision as quickly as you might align a conventional set of shafts.


alternative offset method offset mounting arms

The offset fixture comes with various methods of attachment. The system is designed so you can use the existing coupling bolts when mounting the arm to the flange.

The offset laser alignment fixture has a wide range of adjustment in the plane parallel to the flange face of the stationary machine. It can be positioned anywhere to eliminate the offset from the driven unit.

offset laser alignment setup offset alignment clock method

The built-in lasers in each rotating turret are pre-set to their axis of rotation so no adjustment is needed.

In offset alignment the clock method is used to get the result where machinery positions are calculated by taking three points within 180 degrees of rotation.


Accessories for the Fixturlaser Offset Kit

 optional non rotating kit

Fixturlaser Offset Acccessory

To give even more options to mount the alignment Lasers you can purchase an additional arm with 2 distance pieces and 2 groove washers.

Technical Specification*

Weight, standard system incl. case 9,8 kg
Weight, standard system incl. optional
equipment and case
 11,9 kg
Dimensions of case (L x H x W)  780 x 325 x 135 mm
Max distance between bolt holes  360 mm
Max offset  650 mm
Material  Anodized aluminum
Laser pointer  Class 2 laser
Operating temperature (laser pointer)  0°C - +50°C
Storage temperature (laser pointer)  -20°C - +70°C

* Specifications are subject to change without notice.