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Laser Alignment Tools Rentals & Services Website Launches With New Global On Site Machining Services

Sep 16, 2013

Nicol & Andrew who offer a large range of in-situ machining and repair services since 1950 now offer Laser Alignment Services on shafts, pumps, motors, pulleys plus other rotating machines Worldwide.

A global player in the onsite machining service industry, Nicol & Andrew has launched it's new website and aims to 
reach new clients for it's Laser Alignment Services across the globe.
Nicol & Andrew is an internationally known specialist provider of on site machining services worldwide. Part of their 
core business since the 1950's has been the recovery of worn and damaged rotating equipment (such as turbine 
shafts and large marine and industrial crankshafts), by use of their renowned orbital machining equipment. This can 
repair a damaged journal without rotating the shaft. So saving a considerable amount of time and money over 
conventional repairs.
Since the 1950's the range of services offered by Nicol & Andrew has expanded considerably. They now offer many 
repair services in the marine, industrial and petrochemical sectors. One such is line boring of diesel engine main 
bearing pockets to correct misalignment. Traditionally in the past the alignment has been checked with piano wire, 
then later more precisely with optical alignment telescopes. With the advent of newer and more versatile machine Laser 
Alignment systems the measurement of misalignment has become much faster, easier to use and more accurate. It 
is now the preferred method to align bores with one another and to measure the alignment of rotating shafts and 
couplings etc.
With the launch of the new website Nicol & Andrew will be offering rental of Laser Alignment equipment along with the 
added option of being able to contract a trained service engineer with Laser Equipment to travel to site anywhere in the 
world to carry out Laser measurements. Having a large range of on site repair services available also means they can 
mobilise a team and equipment to correct any errors found during the survey. 

About Nicol & Andrew
Nicol & Andrew is an ISO 9001 2008 certified On Site Machining services provider offering services such as line 
boring, crankshaft grinding, turbine journal machining and Laser Alignment worldwide.
Nicol & Andrew's mission is to provide worldwide repair services to a very high standard whilst saving the customer 
time and money by removing the need to remove damaged mechanical equipment to a workshop. As well as removing 
metal in a precision manner to allow fitting of undersized bearings etc. they also offer additive processes such as 
Welding, Metal Spraying and in-situ electroplating. These allow the more easliy available, original size bearings to be 
used in most cases. 
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