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The Fixturlaser Roll 200 Alignment System is no longer manufactured or available to purchase as a complete system.

However, many of the component parts are still available as spares or replacements.

Please find below the system parts list for the Roll 200 system – contact us to request price and availability on any of the parts listed.

Fixturlaser still currently undertake Roll 200 System repairs at their Repair Workshop in Sweden.

Please contact contact us with your system serial number, and a description of the fault or damage, and we will be pleased to advise you of the procedure for sending your system back for repair.

Please note that due to component shortages, Fixturlaser are now no longer able to replace the Touchscreens on the Roll 200 Display Units.

Fixturlaser Roll 200 Parts List

Part No. Hardware Description
1-0201 TD-M 100
1-0203 Case Shaft
1-0205 System printer
1-0242 Sliding table
1-0243 Angular prism, AP200
1-0244 Detector FD15
1-0245 Case, Roll
1-0289 Laser transmitter, T220
1-0309 Cable, 3m,
1-0322 Magnetic base w/ swivelling top
1-0622 Display box DU 30
2-0320 Measurement tape
2-0359 Reference line pick-up fixture
2-0360 Probe for reference line pick-up fixture
2-0363 Low profile fixture
2-0364 Handle
2-0417 Angular bracket
2-0544 Plastic box, min qty 5 pcs
2-0556 Rod kit, min qty 2 pcs
3-0843 Tool, connection rod
5-0017 Allen key 5 mm
5-0078 Allen key 3 mm
5-0160 Allen key 6 mm
5-0306 Battery LR20
ET-0083 Sticker Shaft 100
P-0154-GB Manual Fixturlaser Alignment System
SK-MC6S6X12 Screw 6x12 Allen head
SK-MC6S6x18 Screw 6x18 Allen head
  Software Description
mv-0049 Basic Straightness Measurement
mv-0053 Roll Parallelism
mv-0054 Receiver Display
mv-0055 Real Time Data Transfer
mv-0056 Memory Manager
mv-0057 Best Displayed Resolution
mv-0058 Repeatability Test