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Laser Flatness-Foundation Measurement

The flatness of machine foundations, structural base plates and floor plate conditions have a large impact on whether machines end up in perfect alignment or not. If the foundation is skewed, warped or affected by the condition of the ground it sits on, it can be very difficult, if not impossible, to align machines to a satisfactory precision.

Before installing a new machine it is important to check the flatness of the foundation abd that it is aligned, in order to prevent tensions within the foundation and to minimise any unnecessary stress of machine housings.

As shown below a sweep laser is positioned in one corner, the laser receiver is moved around the surface and a set of flatness readings is taken. These readings then appear on a graphical display showing their relative heights and the maximum and minimum values. These flatness readings can be stored and outputed to a disk or memory stick via a USB port. (See Video Below)

Laser Foundation Flatness Measurement

foundation flatness laser measurement

The Benefits of Measuring and Correcting Foundation Settlement

Industrial Applications for Geometric Laser Alignment & Measurement of Flatness & Foundation Settlement

Benefits of Geometric Laser Alignment Systems for Measuring Straightness, Flatness and Detecting Foundation Settlement

By using our laser measurement system for detecting Foundation Settlement, requirements are met on both accuracy and repeatability. Any adjustments that can be made to the foundation or base plate being measured can be viewed on the system as live values. All results are stored for filing, traceability and quality assurance requirements.


Laser System

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Nicol & Andrew hires out a range of sophisticated Laser Geometric Alignment Systems in the UK for the measurement of flatness and straightness, with the capabilities to measure foundations to identify foundation settlement or foundation failure.