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Laser Drive Shaft Alignment

Drive Shaft Alignment in an industrial context refers to the correct positioning of rotating equipment to ensure that the rotating drive shaft and driven shaft (for example: a motor and pump assembly) are perfectly aligned across a rotational centreline for efficient running and operation.

Where shafts are misaligned, due to angular or offset misalignment due to one unit (such as the motor) being positioned fractionally out of line with the opposing unit, then the shafts, couplings and units themselves will be subjected to increased vibrations and stresses.

Drive Shaft Alignment Services

Nicol & Andrew  engineers provide laser alignment measuring and correction services for drive shaft alignment in the field.

Shaft misalignment, and the increased wear on components resulting from the vibration and forces of shaft misalignment, accounts for over 50% of plant failures and breakdowns.

Measuring and Correcting Drive Shaft Alignment

Laser Shaft Alignment Systems systems are used to quickly and easily measure the alignment of rotating drive shafts. Drive shaft alignment can usually be corrected by repositioning of just one of the units, in a two-unit assembly. Typically, it is the motor or drive unit which has adjustment capabilities, whilst the other unit, such as a pump or gearbox, is most often static.

Vertical offset and angular misalignment can be corrected by introducing Shims or varying thicknesses beneath the feet of the Motor. Horizontal offset and angular misalignment can be corrected by slackening the base bolts of the motor, and carefully correcting the seating position of the unit.

Although drive shaft alignment may seem to be a complex process, the use of modern Laser Shaft Alignment technology makes the process very simple to accomplish in the field.

Our laser shaft alignment system can measure drive shaft alignment in literally 5 minutes. The results are clearly shown using 3D Animation to explain what corrections are required in both the vertical and horizontal planes. The system advises the thickness of shims required to correct vertical alignment, or what degree of re-positioning is required to correct horizontal alignment.

The 'Live Screen' displays any changes made to the movement of the shafts and units instantly, so users know precise what effect they are having on the alignment of the shaft.