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Laser Coupling Alignment

A coupling is the connection of two shafts for the purpose of transmitting power. Typical coupled-shaft arrangements include Motors and Pumps, gearboxes, fans, compressors & turbines.

Coupling alignment refers to achieving a perfect rotational centreline between the two of more shafts that are coupled together, in order for the shafts to transmit power efficiently.

There Are Three Common Types Of Coupling


Rigid Couplings

A rigid coupling is used when precise shaft alignment is required. The Coupling faces are rigid and bolted directly together.


Flexible Couplings (Flexi-Couplings)

A common misnomer surrounding flexible couplings is that they do not require precision alignment as the 'flexibility' of the coupling is designed to accommodate misalignment up to a few degrees.

Flexible couplings are designed to reduce some of the shock impact that results when rotating shafts are started up. The coupling and shafts still need to be correctly aligned along the rotational centreline of the two coupled shafts.

If this is not done the coupling, shafts and machines themselves will suffer from vibration and increased wear leading to plant breakdown.


Spacer Shaft Couplings

A spacer shaft coupling often incorporates a flexible membrane coupling at either end of the spacer shaft. Spacer Shaft Couplings require special consideration when conducting alignment, due to the extra 'pivot-point' that is introduced to the shaft. Some systems have a special Spacer Shaft Coupling program available which enables perfect alignment of shafts and spacer couplings.

Where misalignment exists in the coupled shafts, the shafts are forced to rotate in an eccentric manner which increases power consumption and creates vibrations and stresses on the shafts, couplings and machines themselves which ultimately result in breakdowns.

Shaft and coupling misalignment is the primary contributing factor in over 50% of plant breakdowns.


Conducting Laser Coupling Alignment

Couplings and shafts can be quickly and easily aligned by using a Laser Coupling Alignment system.

Laser alignment systems enable coupling alignment to be conducted quickly and easily in the field. Nicol & Andrew can provide these services all over the UK and World-Wide.