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Professional Laser Alignment Services
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Machine Laser Alignment

We provide specialist laser alignment  services to the whole of the UK and World-Wide.

In the past engineers may have traditionally used straight edges, plumb-lines, dial indicators and line of sight to ensure alignment of two or more machines or structures. This has been almost made redundant by new Laser alignment equipment (for both shaft and bore alignment) which utilises laser beam transmitters and receivers to measure alignment within extremely close tolerances.

Industrial Applications for Laser Alignment

Some common uses for Laser alignment include:

  • Alignment of rotating shafts
  • Specialist bore alignment
  • Alignment of main bearing pockets (engines and compressors)
  • Alignment of pumps, gearboxes, motors and other drives
  • Alignment of printing presses
  • Alignment of cardan shafts and offset drives
  • Alignment of drive belts and pulleys
  • Machine positioning
  • Measurement of straightness and flatness of machine tables, rollers and machine guides

Laser Alignment Services

Nicol & Andrew provides onsite Laser Alignment services for most industrial applications in the manufacturing, processing, printing, gas and oil, aggregates and mining, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. We can perform onsite Horizontal, Vertical and soft foot measurements, alignments and corrections.

Nicol & Andrew provides Laser Alignment training for the Fixturlaser range of shaft alignment systems. Training courses can be hosted at customer's sites across the world, or at our training facility in High Wycombe (HP11 2PF).


Laser Alignment - a Critical Maintenance Measure

Ensuring that rotating machinery is correctly aligned is a critical preventative maintenance measure. Machines that are misaligned, even by very fine amounts, will be subject to increased stresses that lead to breakdowns. Misalignment is one of the biggest causes of bearing failure in mechanical items, and will also contribute to increased wear of mechanical seals, couplings (including flexi-coupling) and motors.


Further Information regarding Laser Alignment

Nicol & Andrew can provide assistance in all your Laser Alignment applications. For further information or to arrange an onsite alignment of plant or machinery, please telephone Nicol & Andrew on 01494 429800. Alternatively you can complete our enquiry form and one of our sales team will contact you to discuss your requirements.


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