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Professional Laser Alignment Services
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Laser Alignment Training

Nicol & Andrew can provide training in the use of Laser Alignment equipment.

Should you decide to rent a Laser Shaft Alignment system or a Laser Bore Alignment system we can provide training in all aspects of their use.

Shaft & Coupling Alignment Training


laser shaft alignment training equipment
Laser Shaft Alignment Training Rig


We also run courses in all the other aspects of Laser alignment including flatness alignment and bore alignment. We regularly use this equipment all over the world so we know what a user needs to know in order to be able to carry out this sort of work (sometimes in demanding environments).

Courses can be run for several individuals at once at our Laser training centre in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire or at your premises if required. We can even carry out this training in different parts of the world if necessary.

Please Contact Us to find out what sort of training would suit you and the associated costs.

Wind Turbine Alignment Training


With the advent of wind power as an alternative "Green" energy resource there are now many clusters of wind turbines over the UK and offshore.

Each of these turbines may at some point require alignment of the generators to the gearboxes etc.

We understand that Laser alignment of wind turbines should form a critical part of the installation and ongoing maintenance process.

Failure of a gearbox is not an option and is likely to be very expensive. In an offshore environment it will end up especially expensive and may incur significant generation downtime.

The Fixturlaser wind generator alignment equipment is the best method of making sure your wind turbine generator is aligned correctly for maximum efficiency and reliability.

We can provide training for your employees on how to use this amazing equipment safely and effectively.

We can do this at your premises (if you have a suitable piece of equipment to align), or we can carry out the training at our High Wycombe branch in Buckinghamshire.

Our alignment training courses cover everything you need to know. It will enable individuals to carry out laser alignment on most of the common turbine manufacturers including Vestas, Siemens, Gamesa, GE, Mitsubishi,  Kenersys, Nordex and Suzlon.


Contact us for a training quote.