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Laser Alignment Equipment & Tools

Please choose from Shaft Alignment, Flatness Alignment or Belt Alignment below. All equipment is for sale, please contact us for a price and delivery.


A full list of alignment systems is shown below if you are not sure which system is for you we have a comparison chart here.


  • FixturLaser NXA Pro FixturLaser NXA Pro The FixturLaser NXA Pro. The pinnacle of professional laser shaft alignment. There is no easier or quicker tool available to align your pump, motor and gearbox shafts. Now with lifetime warranty.
  • FixturLaser NXA Ultimate FixturLaser NXA Ultimate With the Fixturlaser NXA Ultimate you can measure all the usual shaft alignments plus any kind of flatness measurement or angle. Vertical and Horizontal measurements included.
  • FixturLaser NXA Geometry FixturLaser NXA GEO Measure the flatness or straightness of any foundation, flange, engine bed or guideway using the accuracy, ease of use and speed of a laser.
  • Fixturlaser Evo Fixturlaser Evo The Fixturlaser EVO shaft alignment system is the next generation of alignment tools. Small, light and compact it it easy to use and makes shaft alignment a breeze.
  • FixturLaser ECO FixturLaser ECO FixturLaser ECO provides an effortless and high-quality shaft alignment measurement. The user friendly interface also provides guidance on the alignment process.
  • Fixturlaser Shaft Alignment Kit (With App) Fixturlaser (App) Shaft Alignment Kit Now you can align shafts precisely using your favourite tablet. The Fixturlaser shaft alignment App for Iphone and Android devices allows you to use your tablet to calculate size and position of the s...
  • Fixturlaser GO Pro Fixturlaser GO Pro The intelligent Fixturlaser GO Pro will recommend how to proceed with your measurements subject to the measurement results obtained.
  • Fixturlaser Dirigo Fixturlaser Dirigo The Fixturlaser Dirigo ergonomically designed control unit fits comfortably in one hand. The live display means that you will get instant feedback when shimming or moving the machines.
  • Fixturlaser PAT Belt & Pulley Alignment Fixturlaser PAT Pulley Alignment Alignment of misaligned drive belts and pulleys is quickly, acurately and cost effectively carried out by using the Fixturlaser PAT 2 system. Very easy to use.
  • Machine Alignment Shims (Pre-Cut) Machine Alignment Shims Make adjustments of machine bases a breeze using our pre-cut stainess steel alignment shims. Metric and Imperial sizes to fit several bolt diameters.
  • Offset Shaft Alignment Kit Offset Alignment Kit Aligning drive trains with offset shafts used to be a problem. Not any more. Using the Fixturlaser Shaft Alignment Offset Kit is quick and simple.
  • Equipment Comparison Charts Equipment Comparison Charts Compare the various alignment systems and the add on transmitters that allow straightness and flatness alignment plus bore alignment.