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Laser Alignment Equipment Hire
Align Shafts - Bores - Surfaces

Laser Alignment Equipment Hire

Our Laser shaft alignment, flatness alignment and bore alignment units are available at competitive rates for daily, weekly or contract hire.

We can deliver to site and also provide training if required. Please enquire for current laser training availability.

Should I Hire Laser Alignment Equipment?

In deciding whether to hire or purchase Laser equipment there are some advantages and disadvantages to consider.  The first thing to consider is how long you will need the equipment. Is it for long term use where purchasing is an option, or for short term ad hoc use where renting might be more economical?

We have summarised below some of the considerations that might help you in making the choice to hire or to buy the equipment.

Laser alignment equipment rental can be the best choice for companies that do not perform laser alignment on a continual basis.

It is sometimes comforting to know that you own and therefore have immediate access to this sort of equipment, but often this is not necessary and it is more cost-effective to hire it as required.

For more information about laser alignment services and rentals contact us.