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Gearbox Alignment Tolerances

Knowing what tolerances to align your gearbox to is the first step in carrying out an adjustment.

Gearbox alignment tolerances are largely dependent on the speed of rotation (revs per minute) of the shafts.

Usually it is best to rely on the manufacturer’s tolerances wherever possible. If they are not available the table below can be relied upon to give a very good approximation as to what it should be.

This graphic comes directly from the table built in to ourLaser systems and can be accessed during an alignment check.

They are regularly used as suggested tolerances when the machinery manufacturer’s recommended tolerances are not available. They show the maximum allowable deviation from the desired shaft alignment values.

gearbox alignment tolerancesGearbox Alignment Tolerance Table

Aligning to the listed tolerances above (these are what are called acceptable tolerances, achieving half these values is very good) will give you maximum coupling, seal and bearing life.

As all tolerances are SPEED related the higher the RPM the tighter the maximum allowable shaft alignment tolerance.

If you are in any doubt about how to use such a table give us a call and we will try to help.