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Fixturlaser XA Ultimate

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XA Ultimate Laser

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Geometric Measurement Programs

  • Straightness
  • Rectangular and circular flatness
    (an optional fixture package is available for alignment of full bores and half bores)
    (all the Express Alignment high tech features/benefits are included in the Fixturlaser XA Ultimate package)


Fixturlaser XA Ultimate Features

  • Best Fit: option to allow the system to calculate a reference line or plane, which illustrates the best fit.
  • Express Navigation: when selecting points to measure, the highlighted measurement point is surrounded by its neighbor points, which enables the ability to choose them without exiting the measurement point screen
  • Touch and Release: full freedom to record your measurements in any order you want, makes it easy to select the point to measure 
    - Touch the screen 
    - Slide finger across the display 
    - Release the finger at the point you want to measure
    - Color Screen + Graphical Interface: allows quick maneuvering in configuration even if many measuring points have to be measured
  • Reference Receiver: with an additional receiver gives you the ability to:
    - use it as a reference receiver and zero it at the start of the measurement process
    - control, without exiting the measurement screen, that the transmitter hasn't been removed during the actual measurement, which would cause incorrect measurement values.