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Fixturlaser XA Pro


The Fixturlaser XA Pro redefines the Standard for Laser Based Shaft Alignment. At its launch a few years ago, the Fixturlaser XA definitely set a new standard with its innovative design, allowing quick and accurate laser based shaft alignment. With the introduction of new technology in both hardware and software, this alignment tool took a huge innovative technology leap forward with regards to its user friendliness and the once so time consuming task of performing shaft alignment.

The Fixturlaser XA Pro is a new and improved successor to the Fixturlaser XA with more new features and more content that will make your every day maintenance job a lot easier.

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XA Pro Laser System

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Fixturlaser XA Pro Features

  • Intuitive Interface: guides users throughout the measurement step by step
  • Large Touch Screen: durable back-lit 6,4" large color touch screen
  • Color Coded Results: green within tolerance, orange near tolerance, and red out of tolerance
  • 3D Animations: arrows guide you by showing the direction of machine adjustment
  • ICON based interface: [NO TEXT = NO LANGUAGE BARRIERS]
  • Compound Moves: horizontal and vertical alignment accomplished without remeasuring
  • Express Mode: measurement values are registered automatically, sampling up to 2079 points in three position
  • Documentation: name your alignment and save it in the memory manager. Unlimited number of savings.
  • 30 mm detector: no need for rough alignment. Biggest measurement area
  • Wireless: Bluetooth* communication
  • Resume Function: an exceptional power management that will resume to where you left off
  • CCD Technology: UNAFFECTED BY SUNLIGHT, high linearity, digital signal processing gives high degree of fault correction
  • Pre-mounted Fixtures: speed up mounting and packing of the fixtures
  • Expandable: add more software and hardware packages, as your measurement needs change
  • Machine Defined Data: machine configuration templates