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Fixturlaser UPADXA

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UPAD-XA Laser System

fixturlaser upadxa laser shaft alignment

Fixturlaser UPADXA is a real Fixturlaser innovation. UPADXA gives the user complete freedom to move and walk around the job site while doing an alignment.

Designed for Comfort

The Fixturlaser UPADXA is designed to maximize your comfort of using a hands free tool; it has an angled display box that is equipped with a Velcro® strap that keeps it in place on your arm.

The display box has a large color touch screen, 3.5”, with a full VGA resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. The screen is both backlit and transreflective to provide the best possible visibility in poor light conditions, as well as in strong sunlight.

Fixturlaser UPADXA Features

  • Intuitive interface: Guides you throughout the measurement, step by step.
  • Touch screen: Duralbe back-lit 3,5" large color touch screen.
  • Color coded results: Green shows within tolerance, orange near tolearance, and red out of tolerance.
  • 3D animations: Arrows guide you by showing the direction of machine adjustment.
  • ICON based interface= NO TEXT: No language barriers.
  • Compound Moves: Horizontal and vertical alignment accomplished without remeasuring.
  • Express modeTM: Measurement values are registered automatically, sampling up to 2079 points in three position.
  • Documentation: Name your alignment and save it in the memory manager. Unlimited number of savings.
  • 30 mm Dector: No need for rough alignment. Biggest measurement area.
  • Wireless: Bluetooh communication.
  • Resume function: An exceptional power management that will resume to where you left off.
  • CCD technology: UNAFFECTED BY SUNLIGHT, high linearity, digital signal processing gives high degree of fault correction.
  • Pre-mounted fixtures: Speed up mounting and packing of the fixtures.
  • Expandable: Add more software and hardware packages, as your measurement needs change.