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FixturLaser - Professional Laser Alignment
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Fixturlaser PAT Belt & Pulley Alignment

The quick and accurate solution to all your belt alignment needs!

With the Fixturlaser PAT, you will never be in doubt as to whether your belt transmissions are aligned or not. By using the groove sides as reference, you will achieve a precise alignment which in turn reduces belt wear, bearing failures and vibrations.

fixturlaser pat laser drive belt alignment


Two transmitters with visible red laser line

The Fixturlaser PAT comes with two line laser transmitters, each equipped with two spring loaded guides which fit into the pulley grooves.

The use of two laser transmitters with integrated targets makes it very easy to find out what kind of error is present. Parallel offset, angular error and twist is instantly visible to the operator.

Within a few minutes the operator can determine if the machine requires alignment or not, and a few minutes later after adjustments everything is set to run smoothly again.

 belt alignment patlaser timing belt alignment

Mounting of the Laser transmitters

The Fixturlaser PAT units are very easily mounted on the pulleys. The spring action probe finds the center of the belt groove. The built-in industrial strength magnets snap the units to the pulley in a perfect fit. 

The Fixturlaser PAT is equipped with various size removable guides to fit standard sheave sizes A-E (6 mm - 40 mm). Additional guides for alignment of timing belts are available as accessories.

 how to mount the fixturlaser pat

The alignment process with the Fixturlaser PAT

The visible red laser line makes it easy to determine the position of your belt driven machines.
The alignment process is just as easy as mounting the Lasers.
Just turn on the lasers and look at the opposite mounted unit. The laser draws a line on the target label as in the illustration to the left. If necessary, adjust your machine position until the laser lines are aligned with the centre mark on both units.