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FixturLaser - Professional Laser Alignment
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FixturLaser NXA Geometry

Quickly and easily check the level or alignment of any flat surface or set of bores with Laser precision.

The Fixturlaser NXA Geometry alignment system makes measurement of flat areas and bores simplicity in itself.

Plotting the surface of machine tool beds, turbine casings, machine mountings or aligning any set of bores (including turbine bores etc.) has never been easier or quicker. The easy to follow procedure plus the advantage of a full colour "touchscreen" user interface (showing a graphical view of the workpiece), makes the measuring process reliable, accurate and quick.


NXA Geometry Display fixturlaser nxa geometry touchscreen display unit  For Brochure Click Below
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The Fixturlaser NXA Geometry includes the following software: -


The Fixturlaser NXA Geometry comes in two versions, the Fixturlaser NXA Geometry Basic and Fixturlaser NXA Geometry Full. The content is the same with one exception as the Fixturlaser NXA Geometry Full version, also includes an extra RS sensor unit, as described below.


An extra RS sensor unit can be used as reference detector during your measurement.


remote laser sensor

The second RS sensor unit is used as an additional stationary reference receiver during measurement. You zero this at the start of the measurement process.

You are then able to refer back to this reading, at any time during the measurement, to check that the transmitter has not moved.

This is very useful in an environment susceptible to shocks and vibration to ensure the readings are reliable.

You can have absolute confidence in your readings.



To perform straightness and flatness measurements the basic kit needs to have at least one transmitter. There is a choice of four based on your requirements. They are listed below.


For straightness measurements only, choose between the T110 or T111:



Laser transmitter T110

Battery powered laser transmitter with built-in micrometer screws for adjustment of the laser beam in horizontal and vertical level.



Laser transmitter T111

Laser transmitter with built-in micrometer screws for adjustment of the laser beam in horizontal and vertical level. The T111 is mains powered by the supplied AC-adapter (110/230 Volts).


For straightness and flatness measurements, choose between the T21 or the T220:



Laser transmitter T21

The 21 laser transmitter is battery powered. The laser transmitter has a built-in angular prism in a turret allowing the creation of a 360° laser plane. Laser beam levelling can be made in relation to the horizontal plane only. The turret can easily be detached giving a laser beam perpendicular to the X-Y plane.

Range up to 20M



Laser transmitter T220

The 220 Laser transmiter is battery powered with built-in spirit levels and an angular prism. It is equipped with micrometer screws for adjustment of the laser beam in horizontal and vertical levels. The optical head can be rotated 360° in order to project a reference plane with the laser beam.

Range up to 50M