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Fixturlaser GO Basic

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Go Basic Laser System

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Our entry shaft alignment product is the Fixturlaser GO Basic. It comes with high tech hardware and software, and many built in functions to increase user friendliness. As with all the other Express Alignment products, the Fixturlaser GO Basic uses the innovative and remarkable Express Alignment measurement units designed from the ground up to help you save a considerable amount of time and eliminate potential headaches.

Fixturlaser Go Basic Features

  • Intuitive interface: Guides users throughout the measurement, step by step.
  • Large Screen: Durable transreflective 4" large monochrome LDC screen.
  • ICON Based Interface= NO Text: No Language barriers.
  • Express ModeTm: Measurement values are registered automatically, sampling up to 2079 points in three position.
  • Documentation: Name your current alignment job and save it in the memory manager. It has the ability to store 350 measurements.
  • 30 mm detector: No need for rough alignment. Biggest measurement area.
  • Resume function: An exceptional power management system that will resume from where you left off.
  • CCD Technology: High linearity, digital signal processing provides a very high degree of fault correction.
  • Pre-mounted fixtures: Speeds up mounting and packing of the fixtures.